CRM integration: What it is, why is it essential, and 4 key integrations

These decisions lead to an enhanced, targeted customer experience, which can eventually transform into conversions. CRM integration creates an accurate, comprehensive picture of your customers and prospects. It improves how you communicate with customers, delivering more value from every interaction. Insightly Service Drive more productive solutions that lead to higher satisfaction and successful customer interactions.

So, in order to avoid potential issues in the long term, make sure you have eliminated all obstacles that prevented production usage of the system. And if you find out that the system is just not going to work for you, turn off the integration. It sounds harsh and can feel very frustrating, but it’s less frustrating than always having to fix data inconsistency issues and deal with workarounds. Having a live chat integration connected to your CRM ensures prospects who engage with chat software on your website are captured as leads. You can connect popular platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to your CRM.

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CRM Integration

For HubSpot CRM users, you can integrate the HubSpot Meeting Scheduling App, which allows prospects to book a meeting with you based on your real-time calendar availability — eliminating back and forth coordination. As of January, there are a staggering 3.96 billion social media users spanning the globe. This figure stands to further highlight the already established importance of social media in a business’s advertising ecosystem.

What is a CRM Integration?

The quality of customers’ experience when doing business with you is every bit as important as the quality of the products or services rendered. This is particularly true in fields of business where similar products and services are offered by many competitors. Having customers’ key information and all call-related data in one place helps deliver a more attentive and contextual customer experience. The data is real-time synced in both apps, which gives the agent a glimpse of the most important aspects of the customer profile/history to have in mind when interacting.

CRM Integration

Using integrations, you can enhance your sales/business operations by centralizing everything, which makes it easier to have better relationships and close deals quicker. Using CRM integrations, you can connect your business applications to your CRM platform so that data flows to, from, and between them. The goal is to collect accurate and complete business and customer data.

CRM integration with the calendar enables all the CRM users in the organization to plan their day-to-day activities efficiently without having to switch between multiple platforms. This integration also gives sales managers the power to track all customer responses over email, allowing them to have a more active role in customer engagement. An enterprise automation platform checks to see if the client already exists in NetSuite. An enterprise automation platform checks to see if the incident already exists in ServiceNow.

Authors are vetted experts in their fields and write on topics in which they have demonstrated experience. All of our content is peer reviewed and validated by Toptal experts in the same field. In the end, an integration project is a hell of a project, and there are a lot of things that can go wrong.

Qualtrics integrates with most major CRM systems

Increasing the visibility of successful touchpoints and advertising spend allows businesses to make better informed decisions. Moving back and forth between applications is a time-consuming process, leaving too much opportunity for discrepancies and other mistakes that can impede the smooth transferral and interpretation of data. Leverage communications tools by integrating with Gong and SalesLoft to get insights into lead qualification.

  • Integrating your CRM with web form software such as WordPress, Unbounce, or Mailchimp captures viable leads and ensures that your contact list is always up-to-date — no manual uploads required.
  • When an API plays a role, each time that role is needed in a process, that API can be reused.
  • Without getting too deep into the weeds, let’s run over some technical aspects of CRM software integration that will help make the process less daunting.
  • This email campaign information enables you to make better marketing decisions, which directly influences conversion rates.
  • Instead of directly connecting a sales representative with a user once they have shown interest, sending a follow-up email with engaging information and resources can incline a customer toward your business.

Developers can write code to connect two different systems and force them to communicate, and can probably do so without too much trouble. While not uncommon, this strategy can quickly get messy, as companies may use hundreds of different applications and the connections can break with updates from any of those software. That’s why integrated CRM systems are recommended, especially for businesses that frequently change or update their products or services and may not have software developers on staff.

How to integrate a CRM system

With the old method, after someone filled out a form, you had to manually enter that information into your CRM system to start tracking them. This isn’t the case when you integrate, as the system automatically enters information into that person’s profile — or creates a new profile — in your CRM database. You can also automatically identify the people who aren’t customers but continually engage with your content. It also gives them key insights such as contact info and purchase history, which enables them to provide the best customer experience possible. When your CRM and support software are connected, that’s exactly the case.

As business requirements change, this spaghetti architecture makes even changes difficult. CallRail — Call tracking software that automatically syncs call and text message activity with CRM. Zoom — Meeting CRM Integration software that easily integrates into your calendar software of choice and CRM for one-click meetings. All integrations are regularly updated, meaning you have continuous access to the newest features.

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Notice how we are taking advantage of saving the companyId that is returned from HubSpot. Not only does it help us to determine if we want to update or create a company on HubSpot, but we can also see in the database table which entities are already synced to HubSpot and which are still missing. For example, let’s say you are a Ruby on Rails developer working on an application that needs to sync existing and new customers to HubSpot.

Advanced call center features & reporting

Insightly AppConnect Easily integrate Insightly with all the applications you use to run your business. Process APIs are the second tier and combine system APIs for a specific business purpose. In the case of the shipping update, a company may need multiple system APIs — from the shipping company and from toll shipments — to alert the customer to a shipment’s location, whether it’s delayed, and more.

You do need to invest in an API , but API platforms are not expensive and they contribute an incalculable level of smoothness to your integrations and operations. Looking at CRM integrations from this perspective lets you know which categories you may be short on or over-invested in. It also helps frame the purpose of these integrations, so they don’t exist just for the sake of additional data.

CRM integration is vital for managing customer data with accuracy and with the most efficiency possible. To learn more about this type of platform, you can schedule a demo with an automation expert at Workato, the leader in enterprise automation. A customer 360, or a centralized, comprehensive collection of customer data, is paramount to your organization’s success for a number of reasons. Connect Facebook Ads with monday sales CRM and collect leads directly from Facebook.

It provides relationship context for individual transactions and helps your business evolve its connection to particular customers. That includes things like your phone system or communications platform and your calendaring tool. There are plenty of CRM options out there, and in fact, some of the best free CRM tools can also be used with Dialpad to help increase your team’s productivity and efficiency. Imagine the resources you could save if all the information was stored and updated in a centralized, cloud-based system. This information should be consistently updated to ensure your team has access to updated data and insights. When your CRM data is outdated it can result in problems for your business, such as convoluted sales cycles and poorly managed administrative tasks.

However, to benefit, companies must organize and integrate data, glean insights from it, and act on those insights. Below are the specific benefits gained through the integration of key business processes which are the cornerstone of CRM. With CRM integration, there is no longer the need to manually switch tabs every time an agent needs to use the contact center software or the CRM system . Our Pipedrive Marketplace offers more than 300 ready-made integrations.

By the time the customer received a response, the desired product was out of stock. Compared to running a physical store, owning an online business involves a lot of guesswork. If someone storms out of your store following a poor customer experience, you would know why. Where things get interesting is when you start integrating that customer data with your more strategic and analytical CX process. Your company’s CRM system is a rich mine of information, but it takes customer experience data to really bring its value into focus.

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